Do you love animals? Have you always dreamed of being a Zoo Keeper? Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a Zoo? If so, then now’s your chance to discover the Zoo’s “secret” world! 
You have the opportunity to join us on the “Zoo Keeper for a Day” experiences. You’ll meet some of the animals up close and personal and learn first-hand about what it takes to care for our awesome animal residents. You’ll roll-up your sleeves to work with expert keepers meeting the daily requirements of the wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, and many other species. You’ll go inside the animal enclosures (while the animals are secured inside their holding areas) and experience the same unique view the animals see as they watch Zoo guests watching them! 

The minimum age for participation is 16 years unless otherwise specified. 

Zoo Keeper For A Day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a zoo keeper?

$500 a person includes a zoo tee shirt or hat

Hours will depend on schedules.

Email us to book your Zoo Keeper experience


or call 702.467.3585

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