Blue Tongue Skink

Area:  Australia 
Habitat:  Forests, grasslands, rain forests, and deserts

Food:  Snails, insects, worms, fruit, and flowers

Size:    Up to 2 feet long

Babies:   Hatch from soft-shelled eggs inside the mother.

Prehensile Skink

Area:  Solomon Island
Habitat:  Forests

Food:  Plants, leaves, flowers, fruit

Size:    32 inches long

Babies: The baby stay close to the parents for six months after birth.

Ball Python

Area:  Africa
Habitat:  Dry forest savannah, thorn scrub

Food:  Plants, leaves, flowers, fruit

Size:    3 to 6 feet long

Babies: These oviparous (egg-laying) pythons lay 4 to 12 eggs depending on the age and size of the females.

Green Tree Python

Area:  New Guinea and extreme northeastern Australia
Habitat:  Rain forest trees

Food:  Small mammals, rodents, in some cases reptiles

Size:    6 feet long, 2.4 to 3.1 lb

Babies: Hatchlings are typically lemon yellow with broken stripes and spots of purple and brown.

Blood Python

Area:  Malay Peninsula, Thailand and Sumatra
Habitat:  Tropical forests, palm plantations

Food:  Mammals, rodents like rats but also birds

Size:    36 to 72 inches.

Babies: The eggs hatch after a period of 70 to 80 days, and the hatchlings are 12 to 18 inches in length.

Corn Snake

Area:  United States
Habitat:   fields, meadows, forests and rural areas

Food:   Lizards, frogs, rodents, bats and birds and eat bird eggs

Size:    24 to 72 inches in length

Babies: Babies  need to fend for themselves from the first day of their life.

Tokay Gecko

Area:  Asia
Habitat:   Forest

Food:   Insects and invertebrates

Size:    15 inches in length

Babies: Females lay two, hard, white eggs stuck together on rock surfaces by a glue-like liquid.

Fat Tail Gecko

Area: Western Africa
Habitat:   Desert

Food:   Insects and invertebrates

Size:   5 inches in length

Babies: The female will lay 2 eggs 3 -4 weeks after breeding in a moist hide

Leopard Gecko

Pixie Frog

Aldabra Tortoise

Red Tail Boa

Soft Shelled Turtle

Rainbow Boa

Gila Monster

Black Throated Monitor


Bearded Dragon

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