Red Wallaroo

Area:  Australia 
Habitat:  Rocky areas and caves

Food:  Hay, vegetation and browse 

Size:    Males weigh 50-100 lbs, females weigh 40-50 lbs.




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Wallaroos are close relatives of kangaroos and wallabies. They are placed right in between kangaroos and wallabies in terms of size. The name itself is derived from these two species and the meaning of the word is rock kangaroo. Wallaroos are herbivorous animals that feed on grass and other small plants. These animals are quite powerful and can weigh around 50 to 100 pounds. Like kangaroos, the wallaroos are also found mostly in Australia. These herbivores fall into the family of Macropodidaes.

With an average life span of around 15 to 20 years, the male Wallaroos can grow over double the size and weight of female Wallaroos. Depending on the different regions in Australia, the wallaroo species also differ. The different classifications of these animals are like the Eastern Wallaroo, the Euro, the Black Wallaroo and the Antilopine Wallaroo. Among these types, the eastern wallaroos are the most common wallaroos found across Australia. The black wallaroos are the smallest of the wallaroos species.


Like the name suggests, these animals are found in rocky areas and caves. These animals have the habit of spending their day time sleeping and night time grazing. Almost all the species except the Antilopine Wallaroos are found alone. The Antilopine Wallaroos are found in groups. They have the ability to survive without water for a long time. During dry season, when drought hits the land, Wallaroos dig holes of about 1meter in depth to find water. These are usually playful and loving animals, however when threatened, these animals can be a bit dangerous.

The Wallaroos are perfectly adapted animals for the survival in the Australian region. With the capability of saving water, which is similar to that of camels, also make them adaptable. These are not listed under endangered species except for the barrow island Wallaroos, which is one of the subspecies.

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