Owl Monkey


Area:  Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia & Brazil

Habitat:  Tropical rain forests

Food:  Nuts, fruit, insects, eggs, young birds, frogs, and lizards

Size:  8 to 13 inches from top of head to rump

Babies:  Newborn babies ride on their mother’s


At Ease in the Trees


Night monkeys are mysterious and rarely seen primates because they are active only at night. There are around 10 different species of night monkeys that live in Central and South America. They can be found in Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia and Brazil. Night monkeys usually inhabit dense tropical rainforests, located on the high altitudes. They can be also seen in lowland forests and scrublands. Number of night monkeys in the wild dropped for 30% in the last couple of decades due to habitat loss and as a result of armed conflicts. Night monkeys are listed as endangered species.

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