Open Zoo Days

Our open zoo days are ed-zoo-cational

We are a non-profit so we can not be open everyday of the week. Our open zoo days often fall on Saturdays and Sundays. Please check our available days HERE. On open zoo days you are welcome to explore the zoo on your own. Our animal friends will be stationed around the zoo to meet you up close and personal. General admission grants you admission to the zoo for 2 hours where you will have an up close experience with animals from all over the world! You can also book VIP experiences with animals like a sloth, otter, monkey, or a binturong. These are available at open zoo day. 


$19 each  Adults Ages 18 & up 

$14 each  Child Ages 2 to 17  

$16 each  Military & Seniors Age 55+ 

Infant Under age 2 Free


Meet & Greet

VIP Sloth

Meet & Greet

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