Muntjac  Deer  

Area:  Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Japan

Habitat:  Tropical and semi-tropical forests

Food:  Vegetation

Size:   24 to 35 pounds of weight 

 Small but mighty

Muntjac is a member of deer family. There are 12 species of muntjac that can be found in Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Japan. During the 19th century, muntjacs were brought to the zoos in England. Several animals escaped and formed wild population. Ever since that time, muntjacs are widely distributed in England and Wales. Muntjac lives in dense tropical and semi-tropical forests. These animals are on a target of hunters because of their skin and meat. Other factors which negatively affect survival of muntjacs include habitat loss (due to increased urbanization) and traffic accidents. Luckily, number of muntjacs is still large and stable in the wild. These animals are not on the list of endangered species.

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