Miniature Donkey

Area:  Africa
Habitat:  Domestic Animal Barn 

Food:  Hay, mineral supplements 

Size:    Weighs 350 lb

They may be small but have a big heart

Mini donkeys are small, relatively inexpensive if you are looking for a pet and not a show quality one, and live over 25 years if well-bred and well-cared for. They weigh anywhere between 200 to 350 lbs. once they are fully mature and average 32 to 34 inches at the withers. Some mini donkeys may even be as tall as 36 inches. 

The male donkeys are referred to as “jacks” and the females are “jennets.” The baby mini donkeys are called “foals.” 

They are hardy and healthy animals with a well-balanced body. The head is proportional to the rest of the body and no part of the body should draw extra attention. 

The most common colors for mini donkeys is a slate gray but some are tan, shades of brown, black, and sometimes white and spotted. Many of them have a cross at the withers that runs down the shoulders and back. They also usually have a white muzzle and white markings around their eyes. 

Feeding a mini donkey is not hard, all you need to do is make sure they have a good quality hay, grains, a salt block, and fresh, clean water. 

And of course, a mini donkey needs exercise like any other animal. It is important that you have land for grazing and exercising. Mini donkeys do not belong in cities, in condos, or in hi-rise buildings. They need space to walk around and shelter from the rain, snow, and other elements. Their housing should be dry and draft-free. 

They adapt well to any climate and don’t requite too much maintenance but they do need their feet trimmed every 2 months.

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