Fat Tailed Gecko

Area: Western Africa
Habitat:   Desert

Food:   Insects and invertebrates

Size:   5 inches in length

Babies: The female will lay 2 eggs 3 -4 weeks after breeding in a moist hide




Did I drop my tail? 


The African Fat Tail Gecko can come in many different colours but are usually a light orange-brown colour with solid dark brown bands on its back. They will sometimes have a white stripe running from the back of the neck down to the tip of the tail and cat-like eyes, they also look a lot like leopard geckos in build. Underneath they will have a pale pink or creamy white tummy.

Adults grow between 15 - 25cms including the tail. The females tend to be smaller measuring 15-20cms and males are slightly larger measuring 20-25cms.

These geckos should live to be between 15 and 20 years of age!

African clawed geckos originate from west African countries such as Nigeria and Senegal. During the day they will hide in moist sandy burrows in the Savannah and semi desert areas where it is cooler and the humidity is quite high. As they are nocturnal these geckos will only come out at night to hunt.

African fat tailed geckos reach breeding age around 12 to 18 months old and will usually breed after a small temperature drop. The female will lay 2 eggs 3 -4 weeks after breeding in a moist hide. Incubate at a low of 28C for females, 31C for males and after another 55-80 days they should start hatching.

African fat tailed gecko's are insectivores and will eat crickets, mealworms and locusts with the occasional wax worm or pinky.

Always ensure that you are gentle and never put pressure or hold them by the tail as the tail will drop off, this is a defense mechanism used in the wild so if a predator caught them they could drop their tail and make a swift retreat to safety.

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