Asian Short Clawed Otter 


Area:  Southeast Asia, northern India, southeastern China, the Malay Peninsula, and parts of Indonesia

Habitat:  freshwater rivers, they also spend a lot of time out of the water.

Food:  fish, eggs, frogs, and lizards

Size:  26-37 inches 6-12 lbs

Babies:  By three months old the baby otters are swimming


At Ease in the Water


Asian small-clawed otters are one of 13 species of otters in the carnivore family Mustelidae. Other members of this family include weasels, skunks, and ferrets. Otters in this genus are characterized by only partial webbing between their toes, and small, blunt, peg-like claws. Other otters have fully webbed feet and strong, well-developed claws. Asian small-clawed otters have slender, serpentine bodies with dense, luxurious fur. The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest of all otters.

An individual otter maintains a territory. Otters mark their territories with scent, and fervently patrol and defend their territories.

Asian otters are considered semi-social. Scent is the most important communication for all freshwater otters. Each otter's scent is as individual as a fingerprint. Asian otters also communicate vocally, with a repertoire of at least 12 calls. 

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