Common Marmoset Monkey


Area:  Northeastern coast of Brazil

Habitat:  May be found along the edges of forests

Food:  Nuts, fruit, insects, eggs, young birds, frogs, and lizards

Size:  On average, they can reach 1 to 2 pounds 

Babies:  Newborn babies ride on their mother’s


At Ease in the Trees


The Common Marmoset is a very different type of Monkey. It is often called the Cotton Eared Marmoset.

The unique physical appearance of this Monkey is very different. They have a gray body and as they get older they develop white tuffs that extend from the sides of the face. They have a tail that is very long and is gray and white striped. They can be up to 1 pound in size for the males and even less for the females. The males and females often look very similar to each other. This isn’t common for most species of Monkeys.

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