Area:  South America, 
Habitat:  Tropical Rainforest

Food:  Grass and plants mixed with some fruits and berries

Size:    Weigh as much as 175 lbs

The water pig

Capybaras live in South America. Because they are semi-aquatic animals, they live especially in the wetter parts of the continent in countries like Brazil or Venezuela, but they are spread more or less throughout the whole continent, with the exception of mountainous Chile. Capybaras will live next to water, preferable next to a muddy river where it will find plenty of aquatic plants as well. Kids may find this animals nickname "water hog" amusing, but as the name implies, they are found in places where water is plentiful. When this animal was first discovered, it got the nickname "water pig" as people did not realize it was actually a semi-aquatic rodent. Besides getting nutrients from water, they will also use it to protect themselves from predators. They will use dry places to rest. Capybaras are noted for living in groups and their behavior is interesting to observe.The sizes of the groups are different depending on the season, but it may vary from 10 individuals during the wet season and 20-30 during the dry season, but large groups of up to 100 capybaras were also observed. Usually there is one male for every 4 to 14 female. While the territory a group inhabits varies wildly, it will be between 12 and 50 acres (roughly 5 and 20 hectares). When capybaras are attacked by a predator, the younger members of the group will be protected in the middle of the huddle, while the adult ones will face the exterior.

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